• Statement of Faith and Purpose

    We, the many churches of the Devine Ministerial Fellowship and surrounding communities come together annually under the MannaFest banner to celebrate God's overwhelming love, His unending mercies, and His unparralleld grace.


    Though we represent many denominations, we choose to respect each others unique traditions and customs while praising our one and only God: expressing our thankfulness for the debt Jesus paid for each of us individually on the cross, and welcoming the empowering nature of the Holy Spirit in each of our lives on a daily basis.


    We believe in the triune nature of God the Father, God the Son, and God as the Holy Spirit. We believe that faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. We believe that salvation is by faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone - not by works - that no man can boast.


    In harmony.., we lift one voice to You Father God asking that You encourage each who attends MannaFest to either celebrate their salvation - or to investigate God's plan and calling on their life. MannaFest joins with saints and angels everywhere proclaiming that Jesus Christ is indeed risen, is indeed alive, and is indeed active in the life of each of His children. Lastly, we believe Jesus Christ will indeed return again for His beloved and is now even calling on and preparing each of us: "Behold, I stand at the door and knock..." Open the door of your heart: "Invite Me in, answer My call on your life."


    With that, the goal of MannaFest will have been met. Every hour of planning, every once of effort, every note sung, every prayer answered.., and all to His glory!


    The above statement of Faith was copied from GraceFest out of the Greater Antelope Valley and modified as a statment of Faith with MannaFest. Because this statement could not be more accurate and factual as to our own. We thank and acknowledge our Freinds at GraceFest for the assistance and guidance as we begin this journey of Worship and Praise to our Lord Jesus Christ through Music, Song and Message.

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